Sunday, October 19, 2003

Dear Diary 10/19/03

Dear Diary,

HI! Sorry we haven't written in sooooo long. Our room was such a mess that we couldn't find you! It turns out you were under the bed next to some socks and our secret candy stash. Oops! We're so happy to have you back. There's so much to tell you!!

Let's start with the biggest news first: BETTER THE DEVIL RECORDS ( is releasing GAY BOYFRIEND in the UK TOMORROW, 10/20! **Make sure to tell all your friends in the UK to pick up a copy**.� It has the radio version of the song on it as well as 2 awesome remixes- perfect for any dance party! Our older sister, Jessica, is going to prom next weekend. They'll probably be playing it there. Yeah!

....Wait!, that's not even the biggest news, yet! We're flying over to LONDON next weekend to promote the single!!� We're going to drink tea and eat fish and chips and appear at CLUB G-A-Y on Monday, 10/27!! ( Can you believe it?!� We've already started packing our bags. We'll be missing Halloween here so we're packing up some costumes to bring with us. Maybe we'll even trick or treat at Buckingham Palace?!! I bet the Queen has awesome candy.

Check WWW.HAZZARDS.COM for updates on on our crazy trip!� We also just put NEW SONGS up there too!

Before we go, we'll be playing a show in Williamsburg THIS THURSDAY, 10/23. Please come see us off!

@ M Shanghai Den
129 Havemeyer St. (Grand/S. 1st)
with Allison Dennis (9pm) and The Animators (10pm)

We know we'll see you there, Diary.

Well, its time for us to go. We've gotta finish cleaning our room so we can go to Stacey's house. We're going to put you in our bags right now so we don't forget. See you in LONDON!

Sydney & Anne
The Hazzards


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