Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Hazzards Win!

Dear Blog,

Congratulations to us. The Village Voice has awarded us, The Hazzards, the title of: Best Ukulele-playing Fag Hags, 2006. Dang!
You'd be surprised how many ukulele playing fag hags there are. The competition was pretty intense.

We win!



Blogger JB Becker said...

Congrats! So exciting. Keep it up ladies. Bring it back to Portland. We loved seeing y'all.

5:13 PM  
Anonymous CarCruncher said...

My "Fruit Fly" hates the term "Fag Hag". She thinks it sounds like she seeks fags out, when in her case, the fruits just seem to fly around her.

1:25 AM  

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