Wednesday, February 28, 2007

February Make Out Party

Was sweet!

The Handsome Public rocked us to China and back. We played a disco version of Gay Boyfriend (with a shocking key change!). We played the theme to Mimi and Flo (totally!). And Paul's harp has never sounded more fantastic.

Look how hard The Handsome Public is rocking.

And see all the awsome friends who were there!


. . . makes cute jewelry, has adorable bangs!

. . . is sad that Anne's Casio SK-1 is broken, wonders about Magic Ukulele

Yeah, Sean!
Oooh, la, la

Sounds fantastic, indeed!
Drew and his twin brother weren't technically "at" Galapagos, but the last time we saw them, they just happened to be wearing matching outfits.

PS - Anne had to get on a plane at 7am today. She's tough!!
PPS - Whatever. It's hard to use a camera phone in a dark bar. If you squint, these pictures look really, really great.


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