Monday, November 24, 2003

Where did all the songs go?

Our new friend Billy has a new site: It's kind of like itunes, only way cooler for a number of reasons including that they said tons of nice things about us and invited us to play spin the bottle with them. The other bands on the site are going to be awesome. Plus, you don't have to be on a stupid Mac to make it work. We love We totally want to be Billy's lawyers! Too bad we never went to law school.

Billy/dgenerate is hosting some of our songs, and you can download them for a dollar.

You may know our pop hit Gay Boyfriend, but have you heard our lo-fi favorites, such as Shut up & Makeout, SexySpirit4You, Just a Temp, or The Ballad of the Magic Ukulele? Two girls, two ukuleles and a Casio SK1. . . what else do you need?


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