Wednesday, February 04, 2004


Being in The Hazzards is kind of crazy!

We just got back from an awesome trip to London on Sunday. We hung out in Leicester Square for a whole week ...we did a lot of eating and drinking of booze there with old friends (Craig, Sam, Ryan the Scientist, Sarah the Hatmaker, Graham, Sue...) and new ones (Henry, Mike, Ashley, Ian, Ian, Cathy...) It was very fun. The taping Thursday night went well too. Wait to you see the pictures of our outfits! We look so grossly 80s its awesome. I think I might be related to Morgan Fairchild.

Back in the states we're Cover Girls ( and OUT ON THE EDGE aired on Monday! Still sleepy from the trip, we had a bunch of friends over for the premiere and pizza and pina coladas. Good Times. Originally you could see Sydney's underwear region on the tape, but they must have filled in her scandalousness in post! Sorry to all the disappointed fans of Sydney's underwear. Better luck next time.

We've been getting an awesome email response to the special!
***To everyone that sent us nice emails, THANK YOU! You are nice! I hope to reply as soon as possible. ....but I have to unpack first...and make sure I don't get fired from my job. I'll email you back as soon as I can! ***

Other big news: Sydney's having a fashion show next Thursday, Feb 12th at a place called AVALON in NYC. As soon as she got back she resumed sewing her face off. I've seen a bunch of her new outfits already and shiver me timbers, they are really cool. I'll post the full Sydney Maresca Fashion Show info soon. You should come!

The Hazzards will be back playing around NYC at the end of February...and after that we want to record and maybe even go on the road with our awesome harp/bass/drum players. We'll let you know what we're up to!



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