Friday, June 11, 2004


We played with Pineapple Princess last night and CONFIRMED: They're our evil twins.

Here's a recap from our favorite new friend, Otto Von Stroheim!

"We were treated to opening band Pineapple Princess and then the ensuing challenges that one would expect when two female uke duos share the same bill. Roller derby and drinking contests were among the challenges leveled between the four gals while the Hazzards were onstage. It nearly came down to a wrestling match when Pamela adjusted Sydney's dress mid-song!

There was also an unpaid break dancer that added a incongruous element to the general revelry of seeing the Hazzards first West Coast show!"

That's right! Challenges! Breakdancer! People Making Out! AND Pinapple Princess forgot to use their bubble machine during their WE got to use it! It was enchanting.

Who knows what will go down tonight at the ODEON?!

Friday, June 11th
The Odeon
3233 Mission Street @ Valencia
San Francisco, CA

The Hazzards


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