Sunday, August 08, 2004

DEAR DIARY: Harvard Square on Saturday 8/14! No curfew!!

Dear Diary,
We're so psyched! Mom's gonna let us go into Boston next Saturday! We're gonna take the T and everything!

First we'll go to Fanueil Hall - they have the cooooolest stuff at a place called "The Sharper Image". We'll have to get chocolate chip cookies at The Chipyard too and then buy lots of stuff at Purple Penache. Purple is the best color.

After that, we'll probably get back on the T and go to Harvard Square. That's where all the older kids hang out. Once we were there with Jennifer and saw a guy with pink hair and a plaid suit jacket doing skateboarder tricks!! She talked to him!!

We're going to wear our coolest outfit: Rainbow tights with jean shorts, the vest and the purple shirt we got at The Quarterdeck, and of course our blue doc martin mary janes.

Maybe we'll see cute boys there! Wouldn't it be so cool to have a cool older boyfriend from Boston, diary?
Anne & Sydney
The Hazzards


Saturday, August 14th
The Regatta Bar
at the Charles Hotel
1 Bennett St
Harvard Square
Cambridge, MA
*with our awesome full band!
Tickets available now at

We can't wait to see you, Boston!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anne, great set Saturday! Glad to know you have such fond memories of my Karoke set. JoJo

1:43 PM  

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