Monday, October 25, 2004

Cocktober 25th

Today we are interviewed on And we are playing a show tonight at Pianos (9:30pm, Ludlow & Stanton, $8). We sent out an email about it on Friday, but nobody got it yet because the site that sends out our emails is messed up, or hates us, or something. Don't be mad when you get the email on Wednesday about the show tonight, we swear we sent it out last week!
Forget the email, come to the show--it's going to be awesome. Our friends The Isotoners and Pink Steel are also playing. It's like the dream team. Plus, the show is called "Cocktoberfest" and you know you love Cocktober!

On November 10th, we are playing at Galapagos. That is also going to be awesome. You should really come to that show, too.


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