Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Hot for Hasidem

Dear Blog,

I forgot to tell you about our awesome show at Sin-e last week. In case you ever doubted the magic power of The Hazzards' ukuleles, I have two stories to report. . .

First, at rehearsal we thought it would be great to make up a new song called "Will is our Richest Friend". We didn't really finish making-up the song, but the chorus is awesome. It goes, "Will is our richest friend. Our richest friend." I think Will was sort of mad about the song, but it was true, he is our richest friend--which frankly doesn't say much. But then. . . That weekend he & Cas made a movie in 24 hours, entered it in a contest, and won! And the prize truly made him our richest friend. But still, not that rich.

Secondly, we have a new song called "Hot for Hasidem" that we played for the very first time that night. I don't know how much you know about Hasidem, Blog, but they don't frequent rock clubs very often. But as we were packing up our instruments after the show, we saw two Hasidem wander into the club. They were just hanging out at Sin-e. We're pretty sure they heard our siren call. It's too bad they didn't make it in time to see us in our glittery outfits.

The show at Sin-e was really fun. Gabby the sound-guy wore a hat and scolded us, which wasn't so fun. I thought we won him over by the end of our set, but he also might have been scowling at us the whole time. Hard to tell under the hat. Christian from Bishop Allen was there with Anne's friend Sean and I was embarassingly fan-y when I talked to him. What else could I do? I do love his band. Also, I'm a little bit mad (and/or jealous) that they have a PowerPoint presentation on their website. Oliver's mom came, and she liked it so much that she's coming next week--with a posse! She's rad!

On another note: One day, I hope to have my very own Whiskey Tits.

Also, I have a very funny picture of my cat in a fez. I love my cat.




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