Thursday, June 30, 2005

More DC!

Dear Blog,

While we played a little bit of Matchgame AM/PM and one round of Family Feud on our DC trip, the most popular car game this time was DC Analogies! They're fun, and they also made us smarter. Here's one DC Analogy for you...

Brian Kenny Fresno : San Francisco :: ________ : Washington, DC

It's safe to say we all scored 1600 in fun!

Another highlight of the trip for me was when we went to Applebee's before the show. I always think it's going to be hilarious to eat at a family restaurant, but it always ends up being crazy expensive. Our waitress was named Maeve. She had a cute hair-do, and Anne accidentally slapped her butt. When I asked her for a whisky and soda, Maeve asked me what kind of soda I wanted: Coke or Sprite? I thought that was pretty funny, but Maeve thought it was hilarious when I asked for a slice of lemon in it. But that was before Anne slapped her butt. It wasn't Anne's fault--Maeve had some weird thing hanging off the back that Applebee's made her wear. Maeve was very nice about it and said it happened all the time. Later, we ordered a sizzling dessert and it was delicious.

After our show, Ben taught us how to play Texas Hold-Em (Hazzards' Rules) and I won. Will may argue that he won, but he didn't. We tried our best to officially trash our hotel room that night.

Fun fact about Larry Poon: Not only does he say we are "good people" (nice!) and then make a hand job joke, he also uses the same blogger template as we do!

BTW, it wasn't my fault that I looked at Joe Bevillaqua's crotch, it was sticking out of his pants. And it wasn't because his pants were that tight!



P.S. OMG, our video for Shut Up & Make Out is finally done! We're planning its debut ASAP. Yeah!

P.P.S. I'm a temp again!!


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