Friday, July 15, 2005

A letter and a lesson from Audrey in DC

We love Audrey! You'll love her too. Check out this awesome email she sent us...

Anne and Sydney,
     Hello Hazzards. I have a kind of funny story for you. You probably don't remember me but my friend, Lance, and I saw you at the State Theatre when you were in DC last month. After the show we bought your CD and I told you how I had gotten into a little car accident while listening to you guys on Elliot in the Morning. It wasn't a big accident, more like a fender-bender, really.
Well, less than a week after your show, on my way home from work, I got into another car accident. This one was a 5 car pile-up that included 3 totaled cars. Unfortunately, mine was one of them. So, while I was cleaning out my car before the insurance people tow it away, I remembered that I should get my CD out of the car's CD player before they take it. And what CD is it, you ask? The Hazzards! That's right, this makes accident #2 in less than a week while listening to The Hazzards.
I just wanted to let you guys know that I've learned my lesson: No listening to The Hazzards in a moving vehicle. Of course I don't have to worry about that until I order another CD because the accident broke my CD player and it looks like your CD will be stuck in my totaled car forever.
This story didn't seem so funny a week ago when I was upset that I had lost my car and all but now I have a new car and a decent sum of money from the insurance company (more than enough to cover the cost of a brand new Hazzards CD) so things are looking up.
I'll see you guys next time you play around here. Except I am totally going to ride the metro to and from the show because apparently The Hazzards music and me driving don't mix.
Remember to drive safe,

Yay! You weren't hurt, you have a new car, and more money! Sounds like So Pretty worked for you, Audrey...sweet!


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