Thursday, December 01, 2005

They call themselves Neapolitan

Dear Blog,

I love our Wednesday Night Make Out Parties. We get to pick our favorite friends to play with, and then our other favorite friends come to watch. And it's free! I love things that are free.

Ben Lerman was delightful last night, even though he had a cold. He always has a cold when he plays our Make Out Parties. Does that say something about us? Anyway, you couldn’t even tell he was sick. I can’t wait for the double-sided 45 with our Gay Boyfriend on one side and Ben's Fag Hag on the other. J/K! BTW, when Ben sings & plays bass, he does a super-sexy dance with his hips. You should check it out.

Seth, I mean Aaron Hill, brought his Crimson Guard (I mean, his iPod). He also brought some girls with camera phones and eyeliner, and a very helpful “merch girl” who asked him, “What if I want to buy a CD?” His songs are very good, so maybe I want to buy a CD too, and I hear his video is almost done. It’s directed by Cas, and I am dying to see it!

Anne and I decided to meet at the show early, and try to write a brand new 30-second song to play at the show that night. We got there plenty early, but the experimental music in the next room was too distracting to write novelty pop songs to. We re-wrote an old song as fast as we could to make it about being French, and went out to dinner instead. We also thought it would be a good idea to play a new ringtone at the show, even though the boys in the band had never heard it or played it before. Surprisingly, we played it pretty well.

At dinner, it was revealed that Andy, Will, and Paul have formed a secret band behind our backs. They mostly do covers, and they call themselves Neapolitan—because they are Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla, respectively. We’re not mad though, as long as their covers include Gay Boyfriend, Girl Beer, and Hot for Hasidem.

Last night's Make Out Party was also the debut of File Bass, which should blow your mind if it hasn’t already. Andy made it out of a bass, a file drawer, and a heater stand. Not only does File Bass look good, it sounds amazing. Will was on the baby drums, which also sound pretty sweet, considering we bought them at Toys-R-Us. Andy tuned the baby drums up real good at our last practice, and I made a special bag for Will to carry them in. There was something different about the way Will put them together last night, though, because about halfway through our set, they started falling apart. Will is a trooper and put one drum on his lap, and leaned over whenever he needed to hit the cymbal, which was on the floor. We thought we could never make it through the last song, Always, without some solid drums, but Neapolitan really pulled it together. Will put the drums back on their feet, Andy held up the right side of the drums, Paul held up the left side, and we rocked the crap out of Always. The Hazzards got each others’ back.

And I did catch one brief make-out from the corner of my eye. Finally! I can’t remember who was making out, but it was definitely some boys.

TCCIC, Blog.



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