Sunday, March 25, 2007

Gay Speed Dating

Dear Blog,

We totally hosted gay speed dating. I'm not entirely sure it happened, but there are pictures, so it must be true.

As soon as we got to the theater, Anne got felt up by a mannequin. Weird.

Some of the gay speed daters got to sit in red chairs, some of the gay speed daters got to sit in white chairs, and some of the gay speed daters got to sit in a bathtub.

We played songs, we hosted, we raffled off a vibrator to a lady. Ben was adorable. Bob was charming. T. Cole helped us out on tambourine. And Arthur couldn't remember where he was supposed to be.
At the end of our last song, Will was rocking hard on the baby drums, and they started wobbling like crazy. But not crazy enough. . .

So Anne kicked them over.

Shoni gave us a ton of beer, and Will, Oliver & I watched some wasted French hipsters catch a little white mouse in the subway on the way home.



The Hazzards


Anonymous Ryan said...

Any chance of you gettin' out to Dallas for a show someday?

4:29 PM  
Blogger Freudian Slip said...

That would be great! Are you coming to Dallas?

1:32 AM  

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