Monday, October 27, 2003

We're here because we're here....

We made it!!

We're in London...or so we think....

We did a radio interview this morning on and appeared on a live TV show called "Loose Lips". They made us "spot the gay" and we failed. We thought they were trying to trick us! We chose the guy in the pirate shirt. weird.

We have a driver! His name is Steve and his "cheeky" reputation preceded him. We like him. He agrees that girls with purple dreadlocks are no good. Yeah Steve!!

We're doing some last minute rehearsal for our appearance at Club G-A-Y tonight. In an interesting turn of events, we'll both be singing the original version of the song and dancing to the UK remix. We hope all 1000 people dig it....but we'll settle for a solid 23.

There's more where all this came from. Our schedule for the week is crazy. We're looking forward to the cooking show on Halloween. We'll help cook some food and I think we might even be in a few food-based comedy sketches. Awesome.

So yeah, we're totally in London. We're totally on a press tour.

Lots of love to Lance Chesnut and the crew.

Anne & Sydney


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