Wednesday, December 03, 2003

That's Kentertainment!

Ken of That's Kentertainment! fame just dropped by and told me that THE HAZZARDS are going to be on the holiday edition of his show THIS coming THURSDAY 12/11 at MIDNIGHT! If you don't have Time Warner City Cable, you'll be able to see it streaming online at (click cable channels then on channel 34). I think its gonna be a good one...Ken's been collecting tape on us since we became friends in February. He's been there through thick and thin...emphasis on the thin. I think bringing him to London with us made up for both the weirdo furry raver show and the drunk dirtbag fratkid show.

Speaking of London, the tape he made of us at club G-A-Y is missing! If you find a panasonic minidv tape in a cab or kicking around the streets of New York, please contact us immediately. Ken's driving himself crazy looking for it and is about to drop $400 on a hypnotist in hopes he'll remember where he left it. Yikes!


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