Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Dear Diary: POOL PARTY!

Dear Diary,

Martin is having a pool party/barbecue THIS SATURDAY(4/3)! We're soooo nervous! Boys we have major crushes on are going to be there and guess what? Our bathing suit is wicked ugly. Seriously, it's the ugliest!! Mom bought it for me, ugh ...Its orange and has a big palm tree wearing shades on it. Geez, we're in JUNIOR HIGH now, OK Mom? I think I'm going to sneak out of the house early and borrow one of Renee's bikinis. Her Mom is so cool.

It's going to be super fun though, everyone's gonna be there: Jeffrey D, Becky Yamamoto, Bigboote and all the cool kids! Maybe we'll kiss a boy? That would be awesome!!

Wish us kissing luck, Diary.

Sydney & Anne
The Hazzards


Saturday, April 3rd
Redd's Tavern
511 Grand Ave (@ Union)
Williamsburg Brooklyn

Bigboote, The Hazzards (fka the Ukes of Hazzard), Lashes (Members of Moi?), Sabado Domingo, Devin T Quin, Poingly, Jeffery D. & Becky Yamamoto as Rock-a-Roni, Jen Emma, Pete Probably, Another Boy for Jesus, and a few more.

**Hazzards go on at about 9:10pm and 11:50pm**

Barbecue! (Weather Permitting)


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