Saturday, June 12, 2004


We had an awesome time at The Odeon on Friday night. Andre LaFosse was up from LA to wow the crowd with amazing guitar loops. ...but the real showstopper was the indefatigable, Brian Kenney Fresno. Chalice of raisins, anyone?

We were psyched that so many people stayed late to hang out with us Friday night. The HHS posse fronted by Emily B and Claire W was in full effect. They ruled. Jennifer and Bruno chilled in the back having peanut butter time. ...And so many awesome uke players were there too! We also met Linda Long-Legs from Cotton Candy Cabaret. She showed up in a beautiful blue prom dress. I think we might be long lost cousins.

PS: Brian Kenney Fresno has a brother named Ryan Kenney Poughkeepsie. amazing.

San Francisco is crazy!


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