Monday, August 16, 2004


Dear Blog,

We had such an amazing time in Boston this weekend. It's too bad you weren't there.

We fought through weekend traffic and the hardest rain you've ever seen and made it to Anne's house just in time to eat some delicious hamburgers. On the way we invented a couple of awesome new games: Matchgame AM PM and Family Feud for the car. Well, they aren't new (we made them up from TV shows), but they are awesome. For example, guess which one of our bandmates' top five high-school activites included: Being Sad? And guess which bandmate forgot to include Davy Jones and which forgot to inclue Winnie Cooper in their top five crushes? And guess which bandmate taught us to count binary on our fingers?

Henry Phillips drove up to Boston, too. We waved to him in his car while he was counting to infinity (the regular way, not binary).

We spent all day recording in Quincy and since Marc is so awesome, we got six songs recorded instead of four. Yeah, Marc! He gave us the business. I got to plug my ukulele into the biggest amp I've ever seen and rock for real. The CD sounds amazing, I can't wait to play it for you. Our band is so rad and talented!

We played at the Regatta Bar and felt pretty fancy in our hotel rooms. Thanks for inviting us, Dan. My brother got there just in time to hear our last song. Anne had a ton of friends and family there, and she got to sing the F word and the S word in front of her parents a bunch of times.

The Walsh Brothers were pretty funny, or crazy. They had a guy dressed like a leprechaun attending the men's bathroom. Paul & Will were mad when the leprechaun went on stage and they found out he was part of the act--they had both tipped him, and Will said he had been concerned that the hotel made the guy wear such a garish outfit to work in the bathroom.

The drive home was super easy. We even stopped to see Princess Diaries 2 and still got home right on schedule.

I wish we could go to Boston every weekend (especially since we left Paul's baby chair there). Maybe Anne will post her pictures soon.


P.S. I forgot to tell you that Anne had to sing in a fort!


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