Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The Cutest Affleck

Dear Blog,

Another fun show, what a surprise! We played at the Culture Project on Friday for Naked Angels' Democracy Project. It was an evening of new one-acts based on the theme: Democracy. We were the musical guest. Theater shows are funny because the audience is always so polite. They laugh at the funny parts and then fold their hands in their laps so they can listen carefully to the rest of the song. I think they liked us, because they giggled a lot at the end (but maybe we just flashed them our underwear when we bent down to pick up our stuff, who knows). We were going to watch the show from the audience, but we got stuck back stage when it started so we hung out down there for a while. And saw Casey Affleck & Josh Hamilton, who were in the show!

Since there wasn't anywhere for us to sit back stage either, we took the secret elevator up to the lobby and sat there. We worked on a new song called "Make-Out Contest", in which we let Josh and Casey kiss us until we can figure out which of them is best. It's going to be a great song! The first round of the make-out contest is "First Date"--they have to make-out with us like it's a first date. The second round is "Cheating"--they have to make-out with us like we are cheating on our boyfriend/girlfriend. The third round is "Old and Tired of Each Other"--they have to make-out with us like we have been together forever and are tired of each other. And the final round is "Title Bout - Casey vs. Josh"--we decide who wins. We thought it was a pretty good start for the song. And aren't you dying to know who wins, Blog?

Well, you know what they say about our ukuleles. (BTW, what they say about our ukuleles is that if we write songs and play them, our ukuleles make them come true). We went back downstairs in the secret elevator and . . .
Ok, so we didn't make-out with Casey and Josh. But we did tell them they should watch the Red Sox game with us at the bar across the street after the show. And their friend (was is Chris Messina? was it Nathan Dean?) told us our outfits were very sexy and asked us to get naked--we politely declined (or did we just say nothing and look away, I can't remember). While it wasn't quite a make-out contest, Casey and Josh did come to the bar to watch the baseball game. We're pretty sure our song made that happen. Too bad the Red Sox lost. To make up for it, we gave Casey & Josh Hazzards stickers, because they LOVE unicorns. Our friends Ryan and Ben came to hang out, which was awesome because not only are they super-fun, it looked less like we were trying to hang out with famous, handsome boys--which we weren't. We really just wanted to watch the game and eat our giant hamburgers. Really. After the game was over, Casey and Josh went home. Ryan, Ben, Anne & Sydney tore up the town--for real.


P.S. Confirmed: Casey IS the cutest Affleck. Josh is dreamy, too.


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