Wednesday, December 15, 2004

WYSIWYG Talent Show!

Dear Blog,
Last night was wicked fun....even though I was cranky and tired and the sugar-free red bull I had didn't do the trick at all. We were at PS122 for our second WYSIWYG Talent Show. Good times! Great acts! And somehow we made GIRL BEER, SWEET CHILD OF MINE, FAITH, and HOTT FOR HASSIDEM fit into the "Happy Goddamn Holidays" theme. Oh! look here: Photos!

It was so great to finally see Phoebe Kreutz perform! She's an old friend of an old friend and dudes, she was so funny!! We hope that Dan Fishback will be our new friend too. Sydney said she'd probably be just like Dan if she was a boy. I think she's kind of right (glasses, smarty pants, loves rainbows...)

Everyone was great, too bad we couldn't hang out after the show. It's been a busy 3 days for the Hazzards: Subway Hobo-ing on Sunday (We made $75 in two hours!), CD release party on Monday, then last night's show. Poor Andrew's bass playing fingers are in rough shape!

Thanks again to Chris Hampton for inviting us to WYSIWYG! I've said it before and I'll say it again, she really does an awesome job curating the events. yeah!

Did I mention that our CD is officially now available? Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered, you should get your copy very soon!! If you haven't picked up a copy yet, order one today at! Look for the secret giggle track!!

lots of love,

ps: enjoy this delicious recipe- cracker cheese cracker cheese cracker cheese cracker cheese. it's WICKED good.


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