Monday, July 18, 2005


Dear Blog,

Don't tell, but the Shut Up & Make Out video is already up! And the premiere party is tonight!!




Anonymous Nathan said...

Hi! Not sure if I'm allowed to leave a comment because I can't see any others posted :-(. I just wanted to say that you two are the coolest people, ever. Would it be a too creepy if I said I love you guys? Oh well, creepyness aside...I love you guys! Oh and you need to tell the guys from gay boyfriend that they're so cute. Especially the one paired up Sydney. Keep doing what you're doing and I wish you luck in everything. x

11:08 AM  
Anonymous lindsay (also, that's not MY page, i'm just pimping it out) said...

screw you^... i agree with nathan! coolness aplenty here! i like fun and cute! and things that are shiny make me happy too... hey- is that a kitten over there??? *skips away*
*but don't go telling people, it could be bad for my scary gothpunk image shhhhhhh*

3:19 PM  

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