Wednesday, October 29, 2003

The Betsey Trotwood!

Last night after appearing live on BBC 6 Music with Tom Robinson we raced over to the Betsey Trotwood for a good old fashioned Hazzards show.

As soon as we got there, we threw on our Zombie Girl costumes and hid in the alcove next to the stage as people arrived. The show was so fun, possibly the most fun show ever. The room was perfect, great for sing-alongs. ...and if you can believe it, people were singing along to all our songs, not just Gay Boyfriend and Sweet Child. ALL of them!! OK, so by people I mean Tim and Mike from Brunel University...quite possibly our biggest UK fans ever. They sent us a questionaire to fill out for their school magazine a couple weeks a joke at first, I suspect. Somehow they've become full fledged fans!! They know the words to all of our songs....and we just posted them online recently. They even brought us our favorite kind of cheese. Nice boys, those two. Hooray for them! Hooray for everyone who came to hang out with us.

We encourage anyone who's interested in a cute pub and an awesome music venue to check out the Betsey Trotwood ...and while you're down there sign a petition in favor of keeping live music in the space. Thanks to Allan and Louise for making this awesome show possible!!


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