Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Piano Bar!!! Karaoke from the comfort of your own home....

Just got back from the Sadie Nine Show...despite Anne's vocal fatigue the show was AMAZING. After our interview, they had their regular piano bar segment. Listeners call in from home and sing along with live piano accompaniment. There were some stirring hits from regular callers but the highlight had to be first-time caller Adele's rendition of "I Will Survive". She forgot half the words but it was still a smash! David, the amazing pianist, rocked out so hard to it that he nearly knocked his headphones off. ROCK! We will DEFINITELY be tuning in to Sadie's show Wednesday nights for more from the Piano Bar. ...and we've been given the green light to call in ourselves. Listen Wednesday nights and give it a shot if you're brave.


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