Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Happy Daylight Savings!

Dudes, Redd's Tavern was SO FUN! The bands were awesome (We HEART Rock-a- Roni!), the drinks were cheap, and the weather totally permitted free barbecue! We also premiered our new song, GIRL BEER, to rave reviews! I really love playing glockenspiel.

And a lot of our friends came to drink whiskey and eat hot dogs with us.... Zohar, Ramon, Jen, Catherine, Elyse, Ken, Sean, Oliver and The Isontoners too! The Isotoners are our new best friends. We love them. We hope to play a show with them soooon.

Ken was there getting some footage for his upcoming Easter That's Kentertainment special! Remember when he lost the tape of us performing at Club G-A-Y?? Well, by some xmas miracle, he found it! He's going to show it on this Thursday's episode- THAT'S KENTERTAINMENT!: THE PASSION OF THE KEN. Watch us dance around in front of a thousand G-A-Y londoners! It's crazy! It's awesome! Show airs at midnight and if you don't have Time Warner City Cable, you'll also be able to see it streaming online at www.mnn.org (click cable channels then on channel 34)

We also just found out we'll be at Baracuda next Tuesday appearing with Shaquida on a Daily Show-esque chat show! More info coming soon. Should be fun!

Did you know we have magic powers?



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