Monday, December 20, 2004

Girl Beer is bad for you?

No way!

I heard all over the news this weekend that people are really upset about how delicious flavored malt beverages are and how teenage girls love delicious candy flavored beer. According to those people, Smirnoff Twisted Apple (a favorite of The Hazzards) is a gateway drug! Your friend gets you to try a Smirnoff Ice, and the next thing you know you're drinking Smirnoff Vodka--'cause the bottles look exactly the same. And you know how bad vodka is!

The American Medical Association calls Girl Beer "Alcopops," which is way less cute than what The Isotoners call it ("Bitch Pops"). According to the AMA, "Teen girls report drinking alcopops more than other alcoholic drinks, whereas women age 21 or older rank the drinks as their least-consumed alcoholic beverage." I'll have you know that I am a woman over age 21 who ranks girl beer as one of my most consumed alcoholic beverages. And, BTW, flavored malt beverages taste NOTHING like vodka, and there's no way drinking one will convince me to drink the other. On the other hand, I do enjoy whiskey.

I guess this blows our chances of convincing anyone to use our song "Girl Beer" for their ad since our song clearly encourages teenagers to drink. Oh well.


PS - I am VERY SERIOUS about my girl beer.

PPS - You can hear our song Girl Beer on our new EP So Pretty, or listen to it at myspace.


Blogger Will said...

The AMA is right. Because teenage girls never drank before they invented Smirnoff Ice.

4:44 PM  

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