Monday, February 14, 2005

Dear Diary: Valentine's Day is Dumb.

Dear Diary,
You know how student council does that weird Valentine's Day Carnation sale? Don't tell anyone but we secretly sent Charlie (from jazz band!) a carnation. He is so cute and talented too. The bad part is that we were way too embarrassed to sign it so he'll probably just think his "secret B period admirer" is Tatiana (she frenches EVERYONE). Just great. Oh, and Josh Parulio came up as my #1 match on this computer compatability thing they did this year. Embarrassing!! Damion Zoftchak came in #2. We can't believe we have the most in common with a sweaty lacrosse jock and a satan worshipper that set the Derby field on fire. awesome.

In other stupid news, we're in a fight with Marie because she totally abandoned us on the St. John's ski trip to hang out with dumb older boys. She smokes cigarettes too. We might never talk to her again or not- we do have plans to see Dances With Wolves together on Wednesday.

Happy stupid Valentine's Day, Diary. At least you like us.

Anne & Sydney
The Hazzards

Come hang out with us and our cool friends at Galapagos this Wednesday!

The Hazzards' Wednesday Night Makeout Party
70 North 6th Street btwn. Kent and Wythe
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

The skyfighting comedy of PATRICK BORELLI
The high-energy garage annihilation of BIG BOOTE


Anonymous Jonathan said...

I keep meaning to come see you guys...maybe I will this time....

10:02 PM  

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