Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Spotted: Eric Stoltz. Twice!

Dear Eric Stoltz,

I thought it was pretty funny when Anne said her team played against you in an East Village bar-triva face-off. I'm sure you're probably pretty good at trivia, but Anne & Joann are champs. Who else would know that fact about Back to the Future (besides Will, of course)? I also thought it was pretty funny when we dedicated a song to you at The Knitting Factory and I said "I wuv you, Eric Stoltz." Because it's funny, and because I had a crush on you in middle school. It's too bad you weren't there to hear it.

But then, it was hilarious when, two days later, we were playing songs in the subway and you got a dollar from your girlfriend and gave it to us. We were dressed like hobos, remember? You were such a good listener!

It turns out that you are totally nice. You can add yourself to the list of middle school crushes I've embarassed myself in front of this year--along with Andrew McCarthy.

I wuv you Eric Stoltz!


P.S. Anne just left for Aspen this morning!


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