Thursday, March 17, 2005

"Gay guys are the best!"

Dear Blog,

Somehow we missed our interview in HX last week...

Artist to Talk About: The Hazzards

Once upon a time, Sydney Maresca and Anne Harris (aka The Hazzards, who perform monthly at hipster haunt Galapagos), produced a video for their ukulele/Casio track “Gay Boyfriend” and posted it on the Internet. Within months, it had been downloaded a million times. Their American debut, the EP So Pretty, is a witty indie pop gem. I chatted with the girls recently about their love for music and ’mos.

BB How did you two meet?
SM Friends introduced us because we both play ukulele.
AH They said, “You guys are weird. Talk to each other.”
BB What attracted you to the ukulele?
SM It’s small and cute.
BB What’s the source of your lyrics?
AH Our lives. “Shut Up and Make Out” is about guys who talk too much instead of getting busy.
SM And “Gay Boyfriend” is about our straight boyfriends being mean to us and our gay boyfriends being great.
AH Gay guys are the best!

Will you grab a copy for us next time you're at Therapy, Blog?


P.S. Did you know that HX stands for Homo Xtra? They said so themselves. Awesome!


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