Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Glitter, glitter, sequins, glitter

Dear Blog,

Guess what we did this weekend. . . . We shot a NEW VIDEO! It's for our song Shut Up and Make Out. Of course, it was soooo awesome!

The crew and the technical team were amazing and when I got to peek through the monitor it looked unbelievable. Anne and I were wearing gold sequined dresses and makeup fit for a drag queen. The production design and the movie star lighting blew my mind! We got 35 of our friends in a room and made them makeout in front of the camera for us. That was pretty nice of them. My boyfriend was too busy being AD, so I was assigned another makeout partner. Anne's boyfriend broke his hand the night before the shoot, so she got a last minute makeout partner replacement, too. It was extremely strange to have Oliver come in and give me notes from the director on how to kiss someone else. He was pretty cool about it, but it made me feel so weird.

Seriously, I don't know how I am going to wait a whole month for this thing to get edited. Big shout outs to everybody who helped and who kissed!

There was gold glitter everywhere, and I still have one clump glued to my eyelid that I can't get off. Everyday I sweep up all the sequins in my apartment, but everyday there are mysteriously more.

Oh my god, I can't wait to see our new video!



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