Friday, March 18, 2005

A quick note for you (folded like a triangle)

Hey dude,
We're in Mr. Alberti's class and we are soooooooooooooo bored. He totally just pulled that drop a pencil and have a girl student pick it up trick! We hate Mr. Perverti! ...and the stupid change he jangles in his pockets. GROSS!

Just wanted to tell you that we'll be on DR.DEMENTO this weekend! Tune in! Request us!

Also, we're playing/pizza partying with Mike Birbiglia and friends on Tuesday. Seriously, next Tuesday might be the best day of our lives: Pizza, Mike Birbiglia, and all his hilarious BFFS?! Seriously awesome.

We're going to Philly this weekend, but we'll be back wicked soon!
Anne & Sydney
The Hazzards


See you in Philly tonight, 3/18!

Gay Boyfriend on DR.DEMENTO!
*Tune in March 19-20*
Make requests at 562-ODD-TUNE (562-633-8863) or Online.

Tuesday, March 22nd
Mike Birbiglia's Comedy & Pizza
356 Bowery (between Great Jones & E. 4th)

Featuring: Mike Birbiglia, The Hazzards, John Mulaney, Jon Benjamin...and more!


Anonymous Kakeru said...

did u know that Uke is also what they call in japan the "girl" in a gay male relationship, it literaly meens Resiver xD

2:38 PM  
Anonymous Kakeru said...

when I hear Ukes of hazzard, I imagine lots of gay dudes braking stuff xDD

2:39 PM  

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