Tuesday, October 25, 2005

What is up or down?

Dear Blog,

We did it. We officially sang a song about our periods in the Kennedy Center.

Guess how many kinds of fried chicken we ate in two days: chicken tenders, Popeye's chicken fingers, chicken strips, buffalo wings and Burger King chicken fries. Yeah.

The webcast of the show is archived here. Watch it!

We got into Virginia late, the night before the show, hung out, ate some fried chicken, and listened to and Irish guy play U2 songs. In the morning, we had sports bar brunch, went to DC, checked out the Kennedy Center, went looking for a liquor store on Sunday, and asked a lady and her daughter if liquor stores were closed on Sunday in DC. The daughter was very helpful/embarassed but her mom told us , "That's God showing you." Liquor stores are closed in DC on Sunday. Then we drove back to Virginia, found a liquor store, wrote our set list in a coffee shop and went back to DC.

They closed the ladies' room at the Millenium Stage to the public, and we hung out there before the show. I think it's fair to say that it was the nicest bathroom we've changed in to date. After they show, though, they re-opened it to the public and the boys couldn't get back in to get their stuff.

Our show was awesome. You can watch it on the internet--my mom did. I'm pretty sure Steve Martin checked us out when we were playing Just a Temp, on his way up to the reception. I couldn't tell if he was enjoying our song though, as I was only wearing one contact lens. It may, in fact, have been another tall, white haired gentleman in a tuxedo being escorted the back-way up the stairs, but it looked like Steve Martin to me and I'm sticking with my story. He definitely missed the song we wrote for him, but they're giving him a recording of it.

After the show a security agent wearing a K-9 uniform and his bomb sniffing dog came up and asked, "Did you all play Gay Boyfriend tonight?"
We said, "Yes."
And he said, "Aw, man."
We chatted for a minute and then he had to get back to work, preventing terror at the Kennedy Center. It's nice to know that K-9 anti-terror officers like Gay Boyfriend, too.

Then I showed an older gentleman all about my distortion pedal, Metal Zone, because he asked how we made that sound in our mean song. He said, "I really like that sound."

We packed up our stuff, returned the hand-truck in our glitter gowns through the Steve Martin red carpet area, had some hamburgers with the gang from Hingham High School, got on the road, and ate some more fried chicken. Andy drove all the way home and Anne did an excellent job of staying awake in the front seat.

Big shout out to Diana and everyone from The Kennedy Center. We had an awesome time.


PS - Wednesday Night Make Out Party this week at Galapagos with Throwing Star and Josh Abramson. Free!

PPS - My teeth are clean, I don't have a single cavity, and my eye doctor is dumb.


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