Monday, February 06, 2006

DEAR DIARY: New Best Friends!

Dear Diary,
We're so popular today!! It could have been the snap bracelets we brought in to school or the fact that we were wearing our favorite outfit: red reebok hightops, red pants, and a red & white striped sweater. We also were the first to finish the Babysitter's Club Super Special # 2: Summer Vacation so that could be it, too. Anyways, Alyssa AND Jen both asked us to be their best friends! We'll probably chose Jen. Alyssa threw up on the breakfast table the last time she slept over.
Anne & Sydney
The Hazzards

Wednesday, February 8th
The Clip Joint: A new Comedy Central alternative comedy series!
511 West 54th Street
(at 10th Avenue)
Tickets: $5

Featuring Rory Albanese, Shonali Bhomik, Andres DuBouchet, God's Pottery, The Hazzards, Matt Higgins, Jessi Klein, Heather Lawless, Todd Levin, Chelsea Peretti, Bob Powers, and Andrea Rosen! This show is gonna be awesome!

Thursday, February 9th
Mike Birbiglia's Medium Man on Campus Tour Launch & CD Release Show
New York University
8:00 PM
For tickets call 212-279-4200

Mike Birbiglia is funny and he loves pizza. This show is gonna be awesome! With: Jessi Klein, Kyle Grooms, The Hazzards, John Mulaney, and a secret super special guest! This show is gonna be awesome too! We heart Mike Birbiglia!!


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