Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Our Boners are Huge!

Dear Blog,

Imagine that Anne & I are two gentlemen, and that sometimes we just like to have a night of fun out on the town together. Good. Now watch us performing our new song, Dude (Let's Get Boners) on The Clip Joint, part of the fine web-programming on Comedy Central's Motherload.

When you get there, you may notice that our clip is described as, "Let's get wild, it's Boys Night Out!boners, strip clip, high five, dudes". Is it just me, or is that descrition strangely cryptic? Maybe it's just me. I've been doing a lot of PowerPoint-ing at work, and it requires serious 'focus'.

Anyway. . . Sweet!! Watch us sing dirty things on Motherload.


P.S. I can't watch it on my work computer. Does it look alright? Do we mess up? Does the link work? Did I accidentally insert it into my Forecasting PowerPoint?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Sydney,

To Answer your question the link works just fine, The quality is excellent, the song is F-ing Hilarious because it reminds me of my past, but don't worry I'm "reformed" now, LOL. And can I just tell you, I saw you on a tape of "Out On the edge" a few weeks ago and I have had the biggest crush on you since then If I can then I just said it, if not, then just ignore the last part (sorry that was really dorky, lol) Anyways I really Love your work, keep on rockin, and keep smilin :)

Mike on Long Island

4:05 AM  

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