Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Back to School

Hi Guys,
I know its been a little while since you've seen us- we've been busy! We've been traveling, writing 4 (!!!!) new songs, working on our rad EP, and Sydney's been sewing her fingers off. She has all sorts of cute new clothes for Spring in the works. Guess what that means?! Cute new Hazzards outfits too!! Personally, I am very psyched.

This past weekend we met up with our friends The Isotoners in their cool rehearsal space (that we just might have to get in on as well). We practiced a song we're going to do with them next week at FEZ. They're so fun and their songs are dirty. We're so excited for the show!

After practice we went to Sydney's studio and finished 4 songs, a $3 bottle of wine, and a gigantic chinese food feast. According to dessert, our dearest dream is going to come true. Yeah! We can't wait!!! I wonder which dream is our dearest? Is it the Kirk Cameron one or the rich one? Maybe its the peace one. Either way....

Ok, time to finish cleaning my room.
Hope to see you at Fez next Tuesday!

Tuesday, September 21st
The Hazzards & The Isotoners
380 Lafayette St. (@ Great Jones)
Reservations: 212.533.7000


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