Monday, April 11, 2005

Some Internet Radios

Dear Blog,

The internet is so complicated. The Hazzards are on the playlists of some possibly awesome internet radio stations. But I can't really tell what they're like because the firewall at work won't let me listen to "media". It also won't let me visit anything dirty or any site labeled "personal". Anyway, here are the possibly awesome radio internets:
  • Babes in Boyland - These girls from France have very cute cartoons on their site, but that's all I know. I can't tell what song of ours they're playing because of my firewall.
  • Flat Four Radio - This UK site features "Girl Beer" on their program "The Ock Show". They describe the show as "Some music. Presented by an Ock." So, what's an Ock?
We are also featured in AM New York today listing our Top 5 Places to Hear Interesting Music. We're not allowed to look at "personal" websites at work, but I guess we are allowed to read the paper, because a ton of people at the office have mentioned how famous I am today. (Totally famous!) Historians will note that this is the first time the cocktail "Casino Royale" appears in print.



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