Monday, April 04, 2005

A Thought About Paul

Dear Blog,

Our harp player Paul is making a new play called The Snow Hen. Here are some sentences describing the play:
The populations of the world have been decimated in a global plague. A little girl has survived...and she is growing feathers. Her lonely existence is broken by a haunted wanderer who crashes into her world. They fall for each other and then fall apart.

He's very smart and talented.

Here's another story about Paul--sort of:

Paul is mad that girls never notice his harp on the subway. Paul thinks that girls would love to see a guy with a harp on the L train and they would love to talk to him and try to ask him on dates, but they don't. Anne and I thought that maybe it was because nobody could tell it was a harp when it was in its case. When we were waiting for the G after band practice, Paul was on the Greenpoint side, Anne and I were on the Brooklyn side. We called out to him "What is that, a harp?" from across the tracks, so all the cute girls would know what was in his case.

One time Will Rawls, who is a dancer and is friends with my friend Jennifer (who lives in San Francisco), and who I think is really nice but only ever see him when Jennifer is in town, was talking to Jennifer, because she was in town. He was telling Jennifer a funny story about how he saw me one time in the subway and I was making fun of this girl's date outfit. Then I met up with them and he told the story to me.

Will Rawls was waiting for the G train to Greenpoint in Williamsburg. There was a girl standing near him who was obviously dressed up for a date. She was wearing all red, like she was dressed up like a heart or something, only it wasn't Valentine's day, so it was weird. Then he thought he saw Sydney with some other girl waiting for the train across the tracks. The were giggling and looking at the girl in red. They called out across the tracks "What is that, a heart?" And then they laughed and walked to the other end of the platform.



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