Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Go August Tenth!!!

I've already told you my crazy August 10th news (Go Red Sox), but check this out:

Remember our awesome new video for Shut Up & Make Out? Remember that awesome website Crying While Eating?

Yeah! Our friend Casimir Nozkowski made those! He rules...and August 10th he's going to be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno!!!!
Whoa, it looks like Sean William Scott will be on with Cas...promoting his new movie The Dukes of HAZZARD!!! Get it!?!? That's totally spooky.

I really can't believe how rad August 10th is going to be!!



Blogger The Hazzards said...

I'm staying up late just to watch! Don't tell my boss.

If Cas & Dan don't get to hug (or at least high-five) Sean William Scott in the green-room, I'm going to be so mad.

I'm soooo proud of everyone on August 10th.


12:15 PM  
Blogger The Hazzards said...

LOOK! Even our friends Beth Ann & Vic Thrill have huge August 10ths:

"I kid you not, Tomorrow night at the hammerstein ballroom, the crowd will get treated to a set by DJ humpy The MOnkey.

Me at 6:30
Vic thrill at 8
Devo at 9ish

Tickets are pricey, like $55. and i have no guest list spots so I understand if you can't make it. But just for a second, bask in the pure joy I'm feeling.

I'm totally shaking. And I'm totally writing a book.


B.A. Miale
Video Artist, Writer, Entrepreneur, DJ
Professional Mascot and then some.


12:49 PM  

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