Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Our First Podcast Interview

We looked it up on the internet, and it's true: There is such a thing as podcasting. We just recorded a podcast interview with the nice, funny (and cute sounding) podcasters of The Urban Family Night Show. And they already posted it! You can listen to the interview here.
We love the internet.
My computer at work won't let me play sound files. So, how was the interview? Did we say anything embarassing? I remember Anne talked about singing at Fenway (tomorrow!!) and I rememeber saying some stuff about outfits. I think what I said about clothes was really boring. I hope they don't include the part where I got sassy with the conference call operator who asked me my name. I'm pretty sure they didn't record that part.

Also, the Comedy Central Insider put up a link to our Shut Up & Make Out video. They said very nice things about us. They also used a very "pretty" picture of us dressed as temps.

That's all.



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