Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Who are these little A+ students?

Don't forget to come to our Make Out Party tonight!

The Hazzards' Wednesday Night Make Out Party
70 North 6th Street
between Kent and Wythe
Williamsburg, Brooklyn10pm
with Aaron Hill & The Crimson Guard
and Ben Lerman

Monday, November 21, 2005

Presenting File Bass

I'd like to introduce you all to the newest member of the Hazzards, born tonite, post-practice is File Bass! Acoustic, yet fully electrified, File Bass was a JB Player Pro series in a past life, as well as a filing cabinet drawer and a base from a broken quartz heater. And she sings like an angel. Read em and weep, Will and Paul, I wish we had bet money on this...

Warmest Regards,

Friday, November 11, 2005

DEAR DIARY: We're smart!

Dear Diary,

Guess what: We got 3 A’s on our report card this quarter. One of them was in Art, but it still counts. Our parents promised to give us $10 for every A; and three A's is enough to buy a brand new walkman. Sweet! We’re going to get a pink one that matches our pink boom-box. Jessica and Karen are going to be totally jealous.

Sydney & Anne
The Hazzards

OMG, The Hazzards are on iTunes! We dare you to download some songs.

We double dare you check out our next free show:
Wednesday, November 30th
The Hazzards' Wednesday Night Make Out Party
70 North 6th Street
between Kent and Wythe
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
with Aaron Hill & The Crimson Guard and Ben Lerman

The Real US Patent Office

Dear Blog,

I know this isn't related to The Hazzards or anything, but did you know that you can look up every patent ever at the US Patent Office website? It's totally blowing my mind, especially this one:


P.S. That's US Patent Office, the office; not US Patent Office, the band.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Hazzards on iTunes: OMG, finally!

Dear Blog,

I dare you to download our songs from iTunes. No, I double dare you!


Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Estrojam Pictures

Check out the sweet pictures of us Estrojamming in Chicago

in Estrojam's 2005 picture gallery.


Hiya, Blog!
Check out this awesome interview about us on! We heart you, HTC. Speaking of HTC, last night Sydney accidentally rapped about "HTDS", hexually transmitted diseases. It was fly.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Broome Street

Oops! We had the wrong address up for our show tonight. Well, technically it wasn't totally wrong, but only if you could decode my secret "double-address" style. It's too bad, because it's going to be an awesome show. Here are the full details, because some of the names have changed, too...

"Tell Your Friends!"
at The Lolita Bar
266 Broome St., off of Allen St.
Take the F train to Delancey St.
8:00pm - FREE SHOW
WITH YOUR MC - Susie Felber

Brian Kiley
A writer for "Late Night w/ Conan O'Brien" who has
done stand-up on "Late Night" and "The Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno"

Damion Sammarco
The former co-host/producer of The Tuesday Night Train Wreck (which ran for 7

Todd Hanson
The head writer for The Onion

Liam McEneaney
From "Premium Blend" and VH1's "Best Week Ever"Andy Blitz A writer for "Late Night w/ Conan O'Brien" who has appeared on "Late Night" and "Late Friday" and "Premium Blend"

The Hazzards
A glockenspiel/ukelele-driven band
who have appeared on Comedy Central's "Out on the Edge" hosted by Alan Cumming, and on Comedy Central's "The World Stands Up." Their video "Gay Boyfriend" was an Internet sensation, getting over one million downloads in its first three months live on the InterWeb. "Gay Boyfriend" was remixed as a EuroPop Dance tune, and reached the UK charts at #67, ahead of some shitty song by Seal. They played at the Kennedy Center Honors for Steve Martin late in October, and Anne from The Hazzards sang the national anthem before a Red Sox game.

AND OUR HOUSE BAND - A Brief View of the Hudson, a folk-rock duo that blows away audiences at every show they play.Here's what the press has said: * "BEST FOLK DUO""It's rare that we like a band from the first chord. Yet the first time we saw folk duo A Brief View of the Hudson play at the Bowery Poetry Club we were hooked. Ann Enzminger and Nicholas Nace incorporate many of the best characteristics of both country music and classic rock without sounding derivative...Enzminger is a tiny woman, a hair taller than five feet, but with an opera-trained voice as big and sweet as a bowling ball–size Hershey Kiss. Nace's twangy talk-singing adds a quirky and ear-catching roughness; we crave the combination time and again." - The NY Press* "It is not often that a band sounds like nothing you've ever heard & still sounds good. That's what you get from A Brief View of the Hudson." - The NY Sun* "A Brief View of the Hudson features Ann Enzminger's arrestingly powerful vocals, which are well tuned to the duo's graceful songs of indie-folk heartbreak." -Time Out NYWHAT THE PRESS HAS SAID ABOUT "TELL YOUR FRIENDS!"* Time Out New York called it a "DON'T MISS" twice now, and said: "With a slew of talented stand-ups . . . and folk-rock duo 'A Brief View of the Hudson,' Liam McEneaney's new show—and 'workout comedy room'—is sure to please."

* The NY Daily News made it a Monday pick of the day.
* AM New York put it in their "Best Bets" section.
* "Editor's Pick!" -

Produced by Mike Collins & Liam McEneaney

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Dear Diary: The Viper!!!!

Dear Diary,
We heard the SCARIEST story yesterday. It was about a hitchiker with a hook for a hand looking for his golden arm that turned into a ghost that lost his sweater but all he wanted to do was vash and vipe our vindows. ...And the whole time he was holding what he thought was a cat but it turned out to be a diseased rat from Mexico. SICK. We're never going to sleep again!
Anne & Sydney
The Hazzards

Thursday, November 3rd
Uke the Vote!
25 Avenue B
All ukuleles, all night with Uke Deville, Roger Greenwalt, and us—The Hazzards.
*Have you seen Sydney's hott new Uke yet?!

UPDATE: Looks like we're going on at 10pm (not 8, like we said before).

Monday, November 7th
Tell Your Friends!
The Lolita Bar
266 Broome St., off of Allen St.
Take the F train to Delancey St.

Liam McEneaney's rad monthly comedy show, hosted by Baron Vaughn and featuring: Brian Kiley, Damion Sammarco, Todd Hanson, Liam McEneaney, Andy Blitz, and The Hazzards!