Friday, February 25, 2005

We tried to do a ribbon dance but the ribbons got stuck on the underwear models


Also, I got to spray down one of the underwear models before he went on stage so he would "glisten". And other funny, fun things. Thanks, Instinct Magazine.


PS - Totally pissed that we still haven't met Robbie Daw!

Monday, February 14, 2005

Dear Diary: Valentine's Day is Dumb.

Dear Diary,
You know how student council does that weird Valentine's Day Carnation sale? Don't tell anyone but we secretly sent Charlie (from jazz band!) a carnation. He is so cute and talented too. The bad part is that we were way too embarrassed to sign it so he'll probably just think his "secret B period admirer" is Tatiana (she frenches EVERYONE). Just great. Oh, and Josh Parulio came up as my #1 match on this computer compatability thing they did this year. Embarrassing!! Damion Zoftchak came in #2. We can't believe we have the most in common with a sweaty lacrosse jock and a satan worshipper that set the Derby field on fire. awesome.

In other stupid news, we're in a fight with Marie because she totally abandoned us on the St. John's ski trip to hang out with dumb older boys. She smokes cigarettes too. We might never talk to her again or not- we do have plans to see Dances With Wolves together on Wednesday.

Happy stupid Valentine's Day, Diary. At least you like us.

Anne & Sydney
The Hazzards

Come hang out with us and our cool friends at Galapagos this Wednesday!

The Hazzards' Wednesday Night Makeout Party
70 North 6th Street btwn. Kent and Wythe
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

The skyfighting comedy of PATRICK BORELLI
The high-energy garage annihilation of BIG BOOTE

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

First Eric Stolz....

I spotted Eric Stolz TWICE last week. The first time we were beating him at trivia, the second time he was giving us a dollar on the subway!


I have a feeling I will be running into the entire cast of the Back to the Future Trilogy in the weeks ahead.


Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Spotted: Eric Stoltz. Twice!

Dear Eric Stoltz,

I thought it was pretty funny when Anne said her team played against you in an East Village bar-triva face-off. I'm sure you're probably pretty good at trivia, but Anne & Joann are champs. Who else would know that fact about Back to the Future (besides Will, of course)? I also thought it was pretty funny when we dedicated a song to you at The Knitting Factory and I said "I wuv you, Eric Stoltz." Because it's funny, and because I had a crush on you in middle school. It's too bad you weren't there to hear it.

But then, it was hilarious when, two days later, we were playing songs in the subway and you got a dollar from your girlfriend and gave it to us. We were dressed like hobos, remember? You were such a good listener!

It turns out that you are totally nice. You can add yourself to the list of middle school crushes I've embarassed myself in front of this year--along with Andrew McCarthy.

I wuv you Eric Stoltz!


P.S. Anne just left for Aspen this morning!

Friday, February 04, 2005

Casino Royale

Dear Blog,

One of my goals for 2005 was to invent a cocktail. It's only February and we already did it! Get ready for your new favorite drink. . . .

It's called "Casino Royale" but you can call it "Casino" if it's easier. It's made with Chambord and Miller High Life, the champagne of beers. I was pretty sure it was going to make us puke instantly, but we made Lucas the bartender (and red string wrangler/tape deck player) do it anyway. It turned out to be unbelievably delicious. It's sweet like girl beer, but doesn't give you the sugary sick feeling because of the High Life. And boys aren't embarassed to drink it because it comes in a regular beer bottle. It is soooooo good!!

At first we were calling it Kir AuFell ("awful" with a French accent) but Will and Paul changed the name to "Casino Royale" after their favorite movie/trainwreck. There were so many orders that Lucas had to change the name to "Casino". He didn't have the time to be messing around with all that "Royale" business.

This is huge. So huge! It might be the most important thing I've ever done. Start ordering it now so the bartenders will be ready for summer.


In other awesome news, Plug in Music reviewed our new EP So Pretty, and boy were they nice. No only did they call us a "legitimate indie-pop band" but they took the time to notice Will's "brief Billy Joel, NYC-circa-1974 saxophone solo." The Hazzards LOVE Emil @ Plug in Music!

We had an awesome time at the show last night, and not just because we were all drinking Casino Royales. The Fabulous Entourage was fabulous, of course (did you know that they are an art pop sensation?). And my new favorite pirate band is Jolly Ship the Whizbang. For real. We didn't get to see Jesus H. Christ because we had to work in the morning, but word is they were also amazing.

What a fun and important night. I love Casino Royales!!



Wednesday, February 02, 2005

There's not a secret giggle track?

Look, it's Damian Nicholas, our favorite Austrailan Gay Radio host!

"You're fat! Get a life!"

We're not as sad as we sound in this article from the LA Times.