Monday, November 29, 2004

Will Carlough's Awesome Movie Show

You know Will, The Hazzards' dreamy drummer?

Watch Will re-enact the entirety of The Breakfast Club all by himself, in only 11 minutes. It's Will Carlough's Awesome Movie Show, Awesome Movie Show. The Hazzards perform the theme song. Awesome.


P.S. This weekend I almost got to meet Andrew McCarthy (who is not in The Breakfast Club), but I got nervous and ran away.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Buy Stuff!

  1. Our American Debut EP So Pretty is arriving on December 13th (just in time for Christmas)! You can order your copy online right now, and we'll ship it out to you the moment it arrives from the manufacturer. And because you're so excited, we'll also send you a free sticker.
  2. T-Shirts are on sale for $10! Order soon because we're running out.
  3. See you in December...
    a. 12/8 - The Hazzards' Wednesday Night Make Out Party @ Galapagos, 10 pm. It's our one-year band-ivesary! Don't you love Andy, Paul & Will.
    b. 12/13 - Sin-e, 9 pm. CD Release party!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The Hazzards at Ars Nova 11/18! More Fun!!

awesome photo by www.malaran.comPosted by Hello

DEAR DIARY: Alien guts are sick!

Dear Diary,

We went to the mall yesterday with Kim & Jocelyn. It was so cool. We tried on lipstick and then we snuck into an R movie. The lipstick totally worked, but the movie was pretty disgusting. Alien guts are sick! After the movie we went to the food court and saw Liz sitting with Mike Birbiglia, which was totally unfair. We liked him first! We have a pizza date with him tomorrow. We'll show Liz. Pepperoni pizza is way better than Panda House.

Too bad we have a midterm tomorrow, too. But it's only for art class. And how are we supposed to study for an art test?

Sydney & Anne
The Hazzards

TOMORROW: Thursday, November 18th!
***Thursdays at Ten: THE HAZZARDS & MIKE BIRBIGLIA***
Ars Nova
511 W. 54th Street, btwn. 10th & 11th Aves
10 PM
Tickets: or 212-868-4444
(Use secret code "ARSHAZ" for discount tickets on-line)

Speaking of secrets- We're debuting a new song!! OW!

See you tomorrow!

Or see you in December . . .
12/8: The Hazzards' Wednesday Night Make Out Party @ Galapagos
12/13: Sin-e
And we're gonna have an EP release party, too!


Our new (American DEBUT) EP is going to be called. . .

So Pretty

Here is the sexy track listing:
Girl Beer
Just a Temp
Shut Up & Make Out
Gay Boyfriend
The Business

Fingers crossed that it will be ready for our CD release party on December 13th!

Sydney & Anne
The Hazzards

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

We are suckers.

Good morning,
Sydney and I had an awesome time last night at Luna (even though Sydney had a migraine that grilled cheese and wine just didn't cure). We are huge fans of Collette Hawley and Patrick Borelli and Margarita Pracatan and Christian Finnegan. BUT, remember when we told you that we were playing with Peggy Lee? Yeah, we were psyched. A Peggy Lee performed last night, and was amazing. But it wasn't THE Peggy Lee. THE Peggy Lee is no longer with us. Sydney and I are suckers and we are sorry that we accidentally duped you. Maybe you're smarter than us and thought we were joking the whole time too... If that's the case, you are right. We were totally joking the whole time too.

Friday, November 12, 2004

DEAR DIARY: We feel pretty!

Dear Diary,
Guess what?!
We got called back for the musical! And freshmen NEVER get called back for the musical. We can't believe it!!!!!!! We hope we get to be Tzeitel. That's a really big part. Fingers crossed!

This is the best day ever. Maybe it will be the best week ever- we're going to Papa Gino's on Thursday with Mike Birbiglia. (It's a half day but we totally didn't tell Mom!) Mike is soooooo cute. We'd definitely be his girlfriend if he asked us. Fingers crossed squared!

Ok bye, we've got a Carol-o-Gram in 10 minutes. Todd is singing tenor this time so we're psyched. And we'll totally have enough money for the chorus trip after this.
Sydney & Anne
The Hazzards

Monday, November 15
Eating It @ Luna Lounge
171 Ludlow
$8; includes free drink!

Host: Colette Hawley (creator/host of C Sharp, Dating It, Confessing It; Montreal and Vancouver Comedy Festivals)


Ed Helms (correspondent, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart)
Christian Finnegan (VH-1’s Best Week Ever; writer/performer)
Wali Collins (Letterman; Tough Crowd; Premium Blend)
The Hazzards (Comedy Central's Out on the Edge)
Patrick Borelli (Conan O'Brien; Premium Blend)
Miss Peggy Lee (Grammy winner, singer of hits "Fever", "Is That All There Is?") you never know who might drop by

Sydney and Anne are ridiculously psyched to be on the same show as PEGGY LEE! The other comics are our BFFs too!

Thursday, November 18th
***Thursdays at Ten: THE HAZZARDS & MIKE BIRBIGLIA***
Ars Nova
*** with our AWESOME FULL BAND!
511 West 54th St. @ Tenth Avenue
$15 : Tickets available on Monday at

Have you been to Ars Nova yet? It's awesome. Have you seen the comedy of Mike Birbiglia yet? He's been on Letterman and Comedy Central a bunch...He's awesome too.

Come to this show if you like awesome stuff!

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Your new favorite band is...

Handsome Public. Very handsome, very public. Too bad they don't have a website.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Comedy Central - rescheduled!

Man, we swear we weren't lying to you!
Thanks to anyone that tried to watch us at 9 last night.
So sorry you had to see dummy Richard Jeni instead!
We'll find out when we're rescheduled and let you know.
But really, you can see it all right here: The World Stands Up
Anne & Sydney
The Hazzards

Friday, November 05, 2004

Wednesday Night Make Out Party

Dear Blog,

The boys never write, but I thought you might want to know that Will's movie, Welcome Back (the one that made him our richest friend) is up on his site. It's funny. You should watch it.

Our EP is almost done, and man are we psyched! Cynthia is finishing the cover and Eugene is finishing the mixes right now. It's got six songs on it, including a bunch of brand new hits (Girl Beer, The Business, Shut Up & Make Out, SexySpirit4You, Just a Temp) and a full band version of Gay Boyfriend. You're gonna be psyched too when you hear how awesome it sounds.

Speaking of Just a Temp, we totally forgot that our episode of The World Stands Up airs tonight on Comedy Central (9pm, 8c). We perform in just about the prettiest secretary outfits you've every seen. Jim Gaffigan is also on the episode. He's funny. You should watch it.

In case you forgot, blog, we have a bunch of shows coming up in the next two weeks. We're having our very first Wednesday Night Make Out Party at Galapgos next week (with all kinds of special guests for you to make out with). Me & Anne will be at Eating It the week after, and Ars Nova with our awesome band and Mike Birbiglia on Thursday, November 18th. We've officially retired our "America" outfits, so who knows what we're going to wear!

I miss you, Blog. KIT


P.S. I just noticed Anne wrote all the same stuff. I'm posting mine anyway.

Dear Diary: We're not gross!

Dear Diary,
We made another rad haunted house in our basement with Marie this weekend, but of course Dad ruined it again. Last time he walked RIGHT THROUGH a door that was clearly labeled "fires of hell". This time he made us stop because our "human dissection" room was too "inappropriate". Dumb. It was going to be the best haunted house we've ever made! (And we've made like, 8. 9 if you count the time we tried to make an aquarium instead. That didn't work as well.)

What else... Well, we went to a pretty cool Halloween party last night at Emily's but we had to leave early because our Ursula the Sea Witch costume was way more embarrassing then we thought. All our stupid legs kept bumping into people when we danced and we totally got purple face makeup all over Dave Perkinson during a slow song. Just great. He probably thinks we're gross.

Gotta go diary, Dad wants us to rake leaves so we're out of here. Gonna watch cable at Nikki's house.

Anne & Sydney
The Hazzards

Friday, November 5th at 9pm
The Hazzards on The World Stands Up!

We're funny...looking, in LONDON! Jim Gaffigan is also on our episode- he's awesome. Watch or Tivo it! Psyched!

WEDNESDAY, November 10th
The Hazzards Wednesday Night MakeOut Party
**with our AWESOME full band!
Galapagos Art Space
70 North 6th Street btwn. Kent and Wythe
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

with special guests:

Kimmy Gatewood
Funny! Cute! and DEADLY with a trombone.

Handsome Public
"A blend of Vegas style lounge, and unique musical programming; dubbed as 'Progressive Rogue Pop' Dr. Rosen Rosen and Vickers Bastard Gringo are New York's only Man Band. They are the Handsome Public."

"Pop sludge from New Jersey."

*** Making out in front of / with your peers will be strongly encouraged. ***

More awesome Hazzards times coming right up:
Eating It 11/15
Ars Nova 11/18
Galapagos 12/8