Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Did we mention how much we loved THEE PARKSIDE?!

Our new friend Cristian sent us photos he took of us at Thee Parkside a couple weeks ago. We love it there. If we told you once, we'll tell you again...the bubble machine was awesome! (My casio and glockenspiel are still a little soapy!)

Thanks for the pictures, Cristian!


Our new friend Santa Cruz Cristian! Posted by Hello

Bubbles!! Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Hello, District of Columbia!

Rumor has it that Elliot In The Morning has been playing GAY BOYFRIEND on DC101! Cool!

Thursday, June 24, 2004

I just learned how to post pictures!!

America! Posted by Hello


This is so dumb.

Ack! So is this!

Thanks, Molly.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

So Gay! So Fun!

Hi Blog!
Thought you should know, last night was so fun! Big ups to everyone who performed, they were all seriously great! (...Sydney and I may have split an $8 bottle of Pinot Grigio, but it has nothing to do with our glowing review...nothing!)

Chris Hampton did an awesome job curating the event. A special thanks to her for inviting us *and* for being one of the first to blog about our video way back in the day. I think she might have gotten our party started right and quickly.
Thanks, Chris!

ps: Dan Rhatigan is cute and Sydney's secret brother! For real!

Monday, June 21, 2004


Hey Guys, we'll be at PS122 this Tuesday. Come on down!!

Tuesday, June 22nd
That's So Gay: Tales of Extremely Gay Gayness
The WYSIWYG Talent Show
PS 122
150 First Ave. @ 9th Street
7:30 pm

Celebrate Pride at the WYSIWYG Talent Show and a bunch of really gay bloggers!

Kythryne Aisling (Just Beneath My Skin)
Jim Barrett (Jimbo — traveling all the way from Washington, D.C.!)
Kiri (Non, c'est réalité)
Bob Merckel (Bob's Yer Uncle)
Charlie Owens (Everlasting Blogstalker)
Dan Rhatigan (UltraSparky)

And TWO special musical guests:
Faustus, M.D. (The Search for Love in Manhattan — performing an original song written just for WYSIWYG!)
The Hazzards — performing their international homoriffic hit "Gay Boyfriend"!


Friday, June 18, 2004

Blue Bra @ The ECNY Awards!

Here we are drinking beer and eating cupcakes with Pink Steel and our friend Kate! We're all pretty!

Our new gay metal friends. . .

Dear Blog,

We had some fun last night carousing on the LES. We saw The Bravery play an awesome show at Arlene Grocery (BTW, I can't resist boys in eyeliner), then we checked in at the ECNY show where we FINALLY GOT TO MEET PINK STËËL!
They are rad!
Hanson Jobb was wearing some HOTT Lady Shaq sneaks and jeans with a glitter pony on them. (I love glitter and ponies!) And Udo von DüYü gave us lots of good wig-styling tips. They must be good tips--his wig was very beautiful.
We also did some serious carousing with the ladies from MEAT and super awesome Kate. Good work, everyone. Now I have a serious headache.



Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Village Voice!

Check it out! The Village Voice calls us adorable!


What a nice welcome back to NYC.

Sunday, June 13, 2004


We made the trip up to Guerneville through Sonoma County Saturday morning. It sure was pretty! An art show, 2 failed cheese factory tour attempts, a pork rib bbq and lots of tea later, The Hazzards took the stage at CLUB FAB!

The show was super fun. We did two sets in our glitter outfits with The Borderline/Faith psuedo-medley going over particularly well. One of the best parts of this show was playing with all the drag queen props, costumes, makeup and glitter in the dressing room. We met Buttlicka and she totally said we could!

Big thanks to Sydney's dad for booking the show, housing us, and feeding us. He is cool!

Oliver is super cool too! That crazy meathead makes a dope tour manager.


Saturday, June 12, 2004


On the way to CLUB FAB (our shades cost $14, total!) Posted by Hello

Meanwhile, at The Odeon. . .

While we were hanging out waiting for our soundcheck at The Odeon, Anne & I had a How-many-jellybeans-in-the-jar Guessing Contest about the rubber bands in Brian Kenney Fresno's Hair. I guessed 18. Anne guessed 30. After consulting Brian Kenney Fresno himself, Anne was the clear winner. Brian Kenney Fresno calculated that he had a total of 28 different colored rubber bands in his 5 ponytails.

Congratulations, Anne. That was a very good guess.



We had an awesome time at The Odeon on Friday night. Andre LaFosse was up from LA to wow the crowd with amazing guitar loops. ...but the real showstopper was the indefatigable, Brian Kenney Fresno. Chalice of raisins, anyone?

We were psyched that so many people stayed late to hang out with us Friday night. The HHS posse fronted by Emily B and Claire W was in full effect. They ruled. Jennifer and Bruno chilled in the back having peanut butter time. ...And so many awesome uke players were there too! We also met Linda Long-Legs from Cotton Candy Cabaret. She showed up in a beautiful blue prom dress. I think we might be long lost cousins.

PS: Brian Kenney Fresno has a brother named Ryan Kenney Poughkeepsie. amazing.

San Francisco is crazy!

Friday, June 11, 2004


We played with Pineapple Princess last night and CONFIRMED: They're our evil twins.

Here's a recap from our favorite new friend, Otto Von Stroheim!

"We were treated to opening band Pineapple Princess and then the ensuing challenges that one would expect when two female uke duos share the same bill. Roller derby and drinking contests were among the challenges leveled between the four gals while the Hazzards were onstage. It nearly came down to a wrestling match when Pamela adjusted Sydney's dress mid-song!

There was also an unpaid break dancer that added a incongruous element to the general revelry of seeing the Hazzards first West Coast show!"

That's right! Challenges! Breakdancer! People Making Out! AND Pinapple Princess forgot to use their bubble machine during their WE got to use it! It was enchanting.

Who knows what will go down tonight at the ODEON?!

Friday, June 11th
The Odeon
3233 Mission Street @ Valencia
San Francisco, CA

The Hazzards

Beth from Pineapple Princess and the Hazzards. We love Thee Parkside!! Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 10, 2004

The Hazzards in...The Curse of Ronald Reagan's Body

We made it to San the skin of our teeth!

It was a dark night, only a few cars on the highway...the moon was full...

All of our flights were delayed because they were flying Ronald Regan's body to Washington DC. It messed up all our meeting up plans. And we had to drive back and forth between the San Francisco airport and the Oakland airport all night. Ronald Regan!

The Hazzards were just minding their own business when all of a sudden a green SUV came out of nowhere and drove IN FRONT OF OUR CAR! We were on an empty stretch of highway and it just cut in front of us like it was crossing the street. Of course we hit it. We're pretty sure someone has a contract out on The Hazzards, but Paulus' driving skills ensured we came out of it unscathed. Maybe it's Pineapple Princess! They've been billing our show tonight as an East Coast - West Coast Uke Off. Fine, we'll be the Notorious BIG to their Tupac.

Nice try Pineapple Princess, we're fine...we weren't even scared! Unless it was a ghost...

Much love to the California Highway Patrol.

Puffy & Biggie

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Its about that time again, Blog...

We're leaving for San Francisco tomorrow! I have yet to put a piece of clothing (or novelty instrument) in any sort of bag or suitcase and its very late. I'm starting to think I shouldn't have watched all those episodes of Pimp My Ride.

I guess whats holding me up the most is a) my laundry's still drying and b) I can't quite wrap my head around a way to transport my casio sk1 safely to California. I might just have to bring a really big bag and just swaddle it in lots of clothes. Yeah, that's it. I'll swaddle it. I'm glad we worked it out, blog. Thanks for being there.

Ok, its time to get the packing party started. It's either that time or the time to check my email again.

See you on the West Coast!

Sunday, June 06, 2004


Dear Diary,
Today we gave an oral report on San Francisco.  We told the class all about San Francisco's fog, bridges, and cable cars.  They especially liked the part about "flower children" and the lawlessness of the gold rush period.  We're pretty sure we got an A!  Derek Ward did his on
Boise, Idaho.  Boooooooooring! He is dumb.

Sydney and Anne
The Hazzards

Come hang out with us!

Thursday, June 10th
Thee Parkside
1600 17th Street
San Francisco, CA
with Pineapple Princess!

Friday, June 11th
The Odeon
3233 Mission Street @ Valencia
San Francisco, CA

Saturday, June 12th
Club Fab
@ The River Theater
16135 Main Street
Guerneville, CA


The Hazzards Love America!

If you do too, come to the MoveOnPAC benefit at Lemon Bar tonight.
An awesome show for an awesome cause.

AmBush at Lemon Bar
230 Park Ave. South b/n 18 & 19
just north of Union Square
Doors @ 7
Performances 8 until late with DJs and dancing after
$25 cover
All proceeds go to

The Line-up (in order of performance)
hosted by Mr. Murray Hill
Joan Wasser
Sam Lipsyto
Don Dilego
The Hazzards
John Cameron Mitchell
The Isotoners
DJ Jackie Christie et. al.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004


Dear Diary,
Today at nature camp we learned how nets used to catch tunafish hurt dolphins and how sea turtles eat plastic sandwich baggies thinking they're jelly fish and die. We cried a little! We're going to become vegetarians and also write a letter to the president. We should probably tell him we don't like nuclear war either.  Nuclear war stinks! :(

PS: Jeff A. was our canoe partner today. We think he likes us back!
PPS: We caught a baby snapping turtle and a TON of water striders.

Anne & Sydney
The Hazzards

Wednesday, June 2nd (TONIGHT!)
Ladyfest*East's Summer Camp Variety Show!
Burlesque! Kissing Booth! Date Auction!
52 Walker St.
(between Bdwy & Church)
Doors at 8pm
Show at 9pm
$7 donation

Sunday, June 6th
benefit party for
featuring an array of awesome performers including The Isotoners and John Cameron Mitchell!
Lemon Bar
238 Park Avenue South
(between 18th &19th)
Doors at 7pm
Show at 8pm
$25 donation

***The Hazzards will be playing in SAN FRANCISCO June 10,11, and 12! Come hang out with us!! ***