Tuesday, August 30, 2005

DEAR DIARY: Crack an egg on your head!

Dear Diary,
School starts wicked soon! We're sad summer's almost over but seeing our friends again will be so awesome!

We're so going to give Alyssa and everyone else in Mrs. Whelan's class the chills! ...Lindsay taught us this crazy game when we were supposed to be playing tetherball and it totally gives you goosebumps EVERY TIME! You draw on your friend's back (X marks the spot with a dot dot dot!!) and pretend to crack an egg on their head and stab them with a knife and blow on their neck like its a tropical breeze and stuff. It's really cool! But it doesn't work on Lindsay anymore since she made me do it to her like 6 times a day for the whole second session.

It's so much better than the rose garden game. THAT KILLS!

PS: We read 17 books this summer!
Anne & Sydney
The Hazzards

THE HAZZARDS ARE BACK! And together again with best band friends THE ISOTONERS...At MERCURY LOUNGE!! So Rad! This seriously has the potential to be the best show ever.

Sunday, September 4th
217 E. Houston St.
New York, NY

--- 8:30pm ---
--- 9:30pm ---
The Isotoners

...And check it out, we have hott new Shut up & Make Out TSHIRTS!! Good advice. Awesome shirt.

Monday, August 29, 2005

The Hazzards at MERCURY LOUNGE!!

The Isotoners made this! We love them...and we're psyched for the show THIS SUNDAY!!

High-five for Dave Ratzlow

One of the great things about Dave Ratzlow is his amazing and eclectic taste in music. One of the cool things he does with his great taste in music is start CD clubs. This weekend, one of his cd clubs was on the radio. Dave is the gentleman responsible for recording our very first demo. And we play ukulele on one of the tracks on his new album. You can also see Dave getting kissed on the forehead in our Shut Up & Make Out video. Dave has promised to play some songs at one of our Wednesday Night Make Out Parties this fall. Big love for Dave Ratzlow!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Back to School

Dear Blog,

We're back from summer vacation! Check out our sweet fall schedule.

Seriously, check out these sweet shows:

Sunday, September 4th
Mercury Lounge
our BFFs The Isotoners!

Wednesday, September 21st
The Bottom Lounge
Chicago, IL
with The Octopus Project, Sybris, Helen Money

Saturday, October 8th

Sunday, October 23rd
The Kennedy Center - Millenium Stage

Wednesday, October 26th
The Hazzards' Wednesday Night Make Out Party

Thursday, November 3rd

Wednesday, November 30th
The Hazzards' Wednesday Night Make Out Party

Wednesday, December 14th
The Hazzards' Wednesday Night Make Out Party

So sweet!


Wednesday, August 24, 2005


We've got brand new t-shirts. They're totally gonna make people kiss you!


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

CD Baby

Our EP So Pretty is up on CD Baby. Yes.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

I did it!!! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

National Anthem Singer. . . Anne Harris!

from ukulele supergroup The Hazzards!!!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Our First Podcast Interview

We looked it up on the internet, and it's true: There is such a thing as podcasting. We just recorded a podcast interview with the nice, funny (and cute sounding) podcasters of The Urban Family Night Show. And they already posted it! You can listen to the interview here.
We love the internet.
My computer at work won't let me play sound files. So, how was the interview? Did we say anything embarassing? I remember Anne talked about singing at Fenway (tomorrow!!) and I rememeber saying some stuff about outfits. I think what I said about clothes was really boring. I hope they don't include the part where I got sassy with the conference call operator who asked me my name. I'm pretty sure they didn't record that part.

Also, the Comedy Central Insider put up a link to our Shut Up & Make Out video. They said very nice things about us. They also used a very "pretty" picture of us dressed as temps.

That's all.


Go August Tenth!!!

I've already told you my crazy August 10th news (Go Red Sox), but check this out:

Remember our awesome new video for Shut Up & Make Out? Remember that awesome website Crying While Eating?

Yeah! Our friend Casimir Nozkowski made those! He rules...and August 10th he's going to be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno!!!!
Whoa, it looks like Sean William Scott will be on with Cas...promoting his new movie The Dukes of HAZZARD!!! Get it!?!? That's totally spooky.

I really can't believe how rad August 10th is going to be!!


Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Hey blog,
Did you know that dreams really do come true?!

Check this out:

Next Wednesday, August 10th, 2005 I will be returning to the land of my birth TO SING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM AT FENWAY PARK!!!!

Seriously! I'm not kidding! I can't believe it either but its really happening... big thanks to my friend DREW! He is wicked awesome [wipe away single tear].

8/10/05 7:05pm start vs. Texas.

I can't believe that I'll be on the field with David Ortiz, Johnny Damon, Jason Varitek, Manny Ramirez, Trot Nixon....and the entire BOSTON RED SOX STARTING LINEUP!! I'm really hoping I don't faint or trip or mess up or get arrested for assault and huggery against David Ortiz.

Wish me luck, blog! Maybe you'll be able to hear me on WEEI, not sure. And if you have any sporty/pretty/patriotic outfit ideas, I'm open to suggestions.