Monday, December 29, 2003

Thanks Santa!

The Hazzards got so much awesome stuff for Christmas!

Check out our loot:
-Distortion Pedal for Sydney

2004 is going to be awesome.
See you soon!

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Weak in the Knees

The big Hazzards party last week was AWESOME. It was so cool having our friends join us on bass, drums, and harp!! I could barely make it through Let's Get Romantic, Paul's harp playing was totally making me faint. Fun times! There's more where that came from. We're hoping Will, Andrew, and Paul will join us as much as possible at future shows. They're the best.

We're taking a little break for the holidays. ....but we'll be back in 2004 with tons more Hazzards awesome-ness for you. Get psyched.


Don't forget: The Hazzards are on Comedy Central's OUT ON THE EDGE special, premiering Monday, February 2nd at 10pm. Yeah!

Monday, December 08, 2003

Oh Yeah!!

We are SO PSYCHED for tonight's big Hazzards Party @ SERENA!
Wait 'til you see our friends Andrew, Will, and Paul play with us.
It's sensational. We love them!!

Hope to see you at the party tonight.

Monday, 12/8
222 W 23rd St (underneath the Chelsea Hotel)
New York, NY
7pm - 11pm

Free Admission!
Free Alcohol!

Andrew Dickerson on Bass!
Will Carlough on Drums!
Paul Thureen on something SO AWESOME!

Friday, December 05, 2003

Dear Diary: We WON!!!

Dear Diary,
It took tons of paint, glitter, poster board, lots of baked goods and sooooo many hours in the computer lab, but we did it! THE HAZZARDS have been elected class president '04!! Hooray! All that campaigning sure paid off. Check us out in TIME OUT NEW YORK this week (turn to page 125)! Awesome!

We're going to do a really good job as President. First, we're going to play at the KICK STAND DANCE BENEFIT AUCTION this SATURDAY, 12/6 because its really important to support the arts.  $20 admission donation gets you free drinks, snacks, prizes and more! There will be lots of great music, kickstand dancing, and amazing items to bid on (for a steal!). It's gonna be super fun. Right after the auction we'll be collecting soda cans, papers, and lunch trays to bring to the dump for recycling because its important to save the environment too. Earth day is every day.

MONDAY 12/8 we're going to celebrate our presidential victory at the FRINGE BENEFITS PARTY at SERENA under the Chelsea Hotel.  **THIS SHOW IS GOING TO BE SO RAD!**  It's FREE, there's FREE BOOZE, and we will be joined by our cousins ANDREW DICKERSON on BASS and WILL CARLOUGH on DRUMS!!  Also scheduled to appear with us: A special secret guest musician. (Here's a one-word hint for you, diary: Pinkus. Yeah!) Seriously, Diary...this is one HAZZARDS PARTY you don't want to miss! (PS: You have to *promise* that you won't tell our secret guest that we like him like him)

Finally, our friend Ken from AV club (the one that meets in the IMC) will be premiering the special Holiday edition of his hit cable access show THAT'S KENTERTAINMENT! featuring THE HAZZARDS! You can see it on THURSDAY, 12/11 at MIDNIGHT. If you don't have Time Warner City Cable, you'll also be able to see it streaming online at (click cable channels then on channel 34).

Wow, we still can't believe we won the election! We're not even on the soccer team...
People must really like us!! ...or really hate Nikki Kimborawitz.

Sweet presidential dreams, Diary!
Anne & Sydney
The Hazzards


Saturday, 12/6
Triskelian Arts
118 North 11th St between Berry and Wythe Ave
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
7pm sharp

Monday, 12/8
222 W 23rd St (underneath the Chelsea Hotel)
New York, NY
7pm - 11pm

Free Admission!
Free Alcohol!

Andrew Dickerson on Bass! Will Carlough on Drums! Secret Guest on Secret Instrument!

Thursday, 12/11
Special Holiday Episode featuring THE HAZZARDS
Time Warner City Cable, Channel 34


Wednesday, December 03, 2003

That's Kentertainment!

Ken of That's Kentertainment! fame just dropped by and told me that THE HAZZARDS are going to be on the holiday edition of his show THIS coming THURSDAY 12/11 at MIDNIGHT! If you don't have Time Warner City Cable, you'll be able to see it streaming online at (click cable channels then on channel 34). I think its gonna be a good one...Ken's been collecting tape on us since we became friends in February. He's been there through thick and thin...emphasis on the thin. I think bringing him to London with us made up for both the weirdo furry raver show and the drunk dirtbag fratkid show.

Speaking of London, the tape he made of us at club G-A-Y is missing! If you find a panasonic minidv tape in a cab or kicking around the streets of New York, please contact us immediately. Ken's driving himself crazy looking for it and is about to drop $400 on a hypnotist in hopes he'll remember where he left it. Yikes!


Elisabeth Vincentelli wrote about us in Time Out New York this week! (Turn to page 125!)
She is the coolest.

To anyone having trouble finding the BTD version of the video, try this link:


That should do the trick.

Thanks to my friend Catherine for her help coding the link above. I forgot how to do it. She is smart like that.


Tuesday, December 02, 2003


Giant Tuesday Night of Amazing Inventions and Also There is a Game

Under St. Marks
94 St. Marks Place
(bet 1st and A)

DJ Hazzard (no relation!)
The Hazzards
Brian Huskey
Eric Kirchberger
Andrea Rosen

Hosted by the indefatigable FRANCISCO GUGLIONI!

2 awesome
2 be
4 gotten


PS: more awesome show info coming soon!